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Overtime is the and extra period after regulation in a sporting event. Although it is rare in sports, some of the best moments in sports happen during this period. Why? Because the best tend to shine in these moments. When players are their most tired, is when you get to see what they are made of. In the world, the is a tension with faith and sport, and culture. Often it is difficult to understand why these tensions began in the first place but, we preserve through.

I started The Overtime project as a way to have discussions about sports, outside of the norm. I wanted a space to combine my love for sports and writing with my faith. I see sports as a microcosm of today’s world. My goal is to change the way that we talk about and view sports. Sports often tell us what is going on in the culture around us. How we navigate that culture is what makes us unique.

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Faith, sports, and culture and their intersections in today's world.


Proud husband • simul justus et peccator • faith, sports, and culture and the intersection thereof (with a sprinkle of politics)• ΑΦΑ